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CT PUBLIC SCHOOL, Greater Kailash, Maqsudan, Jalandhar City., 144008

Email : ctps_school@yahoo.co.in

Phone No: 0181-5009553

Teaching Staff
Staff name Designation Date of birth Date of appointment Trained/Untrained Probation/Confirmed Adhoc/Part time
Mr. Daljeet Singh Principal 10.12.1980 25-01-2019 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Sukdeep Kaur Vice Principal 03.03.1977 26-04-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Anjana Sharma HOD Art & Craft 30.09.1973 15-07-2007 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Bandana Sagar Kindergarten Teacher 18.08.1969 06-05-2003 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Baruna Malhotra PRT 13.02.1976 01-04-2009 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Bhawana Arora PGT, PRT (Fine Art) 18.06.1980 22-07-2010 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Dheeru Narang TGT (Sci) 16.01.1980 09-05-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Harjinder Kaur HOD (Pun) 10.12.1968 01-12-2008 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Harkanwal Kaur Kindergarten Teacher 03.08.1975 02-03-2005 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Harpreet Panesar PGT (Eng) & Media Incharge 15.01.1970 14-11-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Hema Bhasin PRT 12.04.1981 01-09-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Kawalpreet Kaur PRT (Pun) 18.01.1981 12-09-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Kiran Sharma Music (HOD) 05.02.1970 02-04-2016 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Kamalpreet Kaur Kindergarten Teacher 14.09.1984 27-07-2016 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Meenu Mehta TGT (Eng), CCE Co-Ordinator 05.11.1971 01-03-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Monika Aggarwal PRT, Primary Co-Ordinator 12.03.1965 01-04-1998 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Neetu Seth TGT (Hindi) 06.01.1979 27-05-2012 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Ritika Bhardwaj Kindergarten Teacher 15.07.1978 02-04-2012 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Radhika Bhardwaj PGT, HOD (Computer) 31.08.1983 19-04-2006 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Rajesh Kumar Shukla PGT, HOD (Maths) 08.12.1979 02-04-2008 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Rajni Ahuja PRT 15.03.1980 21-01-2012 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Ramanpreet Kaur Bains Kindergarten Teacher 10.08.1977 01-04-2009 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Sanjesh Kumar Lab Incharge 20.11.1977 01-11-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Simran Sachdeva Kindergarten Teacher 18.09.1976 01-10-2008 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Sonia Mehta PGT (Bio) & HOD (Science) 26.11.1975 01-03-2011 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Suman Moudgil PRT- Eng 07.09.1972 01-04-2005 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Sarvjit Oberoi PRT 14.03.1978 04-04-2008 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Navpreet Kaur PGT Geography 30.08.1985 23-08-2016 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Rimple Bhalla Kindergarten Teacher 05.09.1982 01-12-2016 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Sonia Chopra Kindergarten Teacher 27.09.1986 15-04-2016 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Randeep Kaur S.S.T Teacher 15.11.1984 06-04-2017 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Jeevan Jyoti Art & Craft Teacher 16.01.1996 06-04-2017 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Vimal Kumar Dance Teacher 03.09.1996 08-01-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Bajinder Rani Punjabi Teacher 02.06.1975 09-04-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Neeraj Sheriya Music Teacher (Instrumental) 03.03.1997 19-04-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Harpreet Kaur Computer Teacher 16.04.1993 03-10-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Sarbjit Kaur Math Teacher 29.01.1994 08-10-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Mandeep Kindergarten Teacher 14.08.1981 02-04-2019 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Sandeep Kaur Kindergarten Teacher 02.02.1982 02-04-2019 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Herdip Kaur TGT English 03.02.1978 08-04-2019 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Ramanpreet Kaur Punjabi Teacher 27.03.1982 06-07-2019 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Geetika Sharma PRT Teacher 15.02.1988 02-03-2020 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Tamana Maths Teacher 22.12.1992 02-03-2020 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Kalpana Thakur TGT Maths 04.06.1988 11-03-2020 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Ridhi Dadhwal PGT Commerce 25.06.1988 07-04-2020 Trained Confirmed  
Mrs. Trima Chopra PGT Pol.Sci 18.12.1980 01-06-2020 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Raghvender Sharma PGT Chemistry 18.10.1996 24-08-2020 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Nachatter Singh PTI and Hostel Warden (Male) 10.07.1990 29-08-2017 Trained Confirmed  
Mr. Satvir Madhar PTI 26.07.1987 17-12-2018 Trained Confirmed  
Ms. Bhawna Chadha  PTI 21.07.1994 27-01-2020 Trained Confirmed  

Greater Kailash, G.T.Road
Maqsudan, Jalandhar City
Punjab, INDIA

Tel: +91 181-5009555, 5009553
Mobile : +91 98149-20839
+91 97812-60007
Hostel : +91 181-5009568, 5009565
Email : ctps_school@yahoo.co.in

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    Mr.Munish Chopra,the Principal of Bhai Mastan Singh School

  • “The efforts of the school in rendering a significant service to the society by converting impressionable minds into responsible citizens and good human beings is commendable.”

    Mrs.Gurdeep Kaur,the Principal of Sh.Harshad.C.Valia School

  • “CT Public School gave me the foundation to strengthen myself physically, emotionally, and spiritually.This school is a truly magical place and I cannot give a higher recommendation. I will cherish the lessons and experiences for the rest of my life.”

    Divyansh Singh- School Head Boy

  • “Boarding Staff at CTPS is very caring and makes us feel at home. CT is truly HOME AWAY FROM HOME.”

    Divyam Seth- Hosteler

  • “At CTPS, I have got a unique platform to perform and excel in different areas of my interest.”

    Aastha Khurana- CT Alumni

  • “CT Public School has positively shaped and affected me more than any other educational experience till date. I believe that the experience that CT offers is irreplaceable and crucial during the transition from childhood to young adulthood due to the instillment of important core values that are...”

    CT Alumni