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Show and Tell Activity

The freedom of expression without any hesitation   at elementary level is very important for the children
The students were informed to bring their favorite toy or any object of their choice. They were excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn to show and tell. Thus, this event helped our tiny tots to build their social, emotional and language skills.
Show and tell’ is an important part of children’s learning and development, as it helps them to organize information and builds their confidence.
Oct 23, 2020

Virtual Panel Discussion

 The Classroom of Tomorrow - A Panel Discussion

Technology is changing the way we approach education, rapidly. But what will tomorrow’s  classroom actually look like? 
A  virtual panel discussion was organized by CT PUBLIC SCHOOL, in which the students from the  classes IX to XII  were invited for a spirited  debate on the topic 
The panelists knew how to create a cohesive experience and facilitate a memorable conversation amongst them. 
The questions asked by the host Ms. Harpreet Panasar were really great, that  invited the panelists to bring out the best responses showcasing their knowledge and experiences. 
The Principal Mr. Daljit Rana concluded the debate by saying that we may not be able to prepare the future of our children but we can prepare our children for the future.
Oct 22, 2020

Virtual Role Play Competition

 A virtual role play competition for students of CT PUBLIC SCHOOL and CT WORLD School was organized on 21st October,2020. Enthusiastic participants from classes 6th to 8th  adorned the event with their colourful dresses and mesmerizing monologue,

displaying  their creativity and confidence in the different roles they played. They depicted famous  writers,sportspersons, characters from the English plays,freedom fighters and national personalities.
The objective of organising the competition was to develop confidence of the children and to promote the skills of effective public speaking among them. The event was a blend of education and fun filled activities. All the students put up their best show. The competition proved to be a great learning experience for the students.
The presentations were very enrapturing and this made it difficult for the judges to come to a definite conclusion.The Principal,Mr.Daljeet Singh  and Vice Principal,Ms.Sukhdeep Kaur appreciated the tremendous efforts put in by the students, teachers and parents to make it a success .
The following students emerged victorious:
REHAT BATH.                  1st
ANOOP   KAUR.              3rd
KAREENA.                         1st
ISHAN WADHWA.            2nd
KASHISH.                         3rd
CLASS.  8th
SUHANI.                          1st
DIYA.                               2nd
HITISH GUPTA.              3rd
Oct 21, 2020

Online Literary Competition of Classes I-V

 A virtual " Show and Tell" competition for grade 1to 5  was organized in CTPS on 20 October 2020. The CTPS Principal Mr.Daljeet Singh Rana welcomed all the students and appreciated the efforts of teachers, students and parents. He interacted with the students and motivated them to give their best performance.He further added that it's also a great way to encourage child's interest in a particular topic and a chance for children to think outside the box.

The competition was divided into two categories.  In category 1 students from grade 1and 2 participated and in category 2 students from class 3 to 5 participated.In this competition students brought their favorite objects on the virtual screen ,spoke confidently about that object and impressed the audience by showcasing their talent .
This was an inter school competition in which the students from : CT Worldl chool, Kendrya Vidyalayas and CTP  school participated with a great zeal . They described the objects with a lot of confidence, facial expressions and voice modulation.  They learned and experienced public speaking - a skill a child will use throughout his life.
The winners of the competition will be provided with an e-certificate. The names of winners are as follows: 
From grade 1
First position : Aarav Nanda 
2nd position : Gurfateh
3rd position : Nived
4th position:  Udisha
From grade 2
1st position : Aarav Sharma and Hartaaz
2nd position : Pratika 
3rd position : Harleen 
From class 3
 1st position : Ekamvir Singh
 2nd position : Kashvi and Aggampal 
3rd position  : Trisha and Navroop
From grade 4
1st position:  Ritvik 
 2nd position:  Sana Mahendru 
3rd position:  Srishti 
 *From grade 5* 
1st position:  Varsham
2nd position:  Saksham and Sanskriti
3rd position:  Caroline and Koshin
Oct 20, 2020

Depicting Expressions

The freedom of expression without any hesitation   at elementary level is very important for the children.

Our Tiny Tots were informed to bring their favorite toy or any object of their choice. They were excited to share their descriptive narration and waited eagerly for their turn to show and tell. Thus, this event helped our children to build their social, emotional and language skills.
Show and tell’ is an important part of children’s learning and development, as it helps them to organize information and builds their confidence. Keeping this in mind, a ‘Show and Tell Activity’ was organized for the students of Kindergarten.
Such activities helps  in the comprehensive learning of child development in the early stages of life.


Oct 19, 2020

Virtual Alumni Meet held in CT Public School

CT Public school  has organized an Alumni interaction on the 17th of October 2020 ,on the Virtual Platform. It was attended by the students  and teachers of the school  across the many academic sessions the institution has seen right from its inception in the year 1997.
The meet started off at the scheduled time with the welcome address by  the Academic Co ordinator, Ms. Harpreet Panasar . She  was delighted to be connected to the participants.
Ms.Sukhdeep Kaur, the Vice Principal delivered the opening note by sharing her thoughts and the  Role of CTPS in Shaping  their  Life.
This was followed by the Inaugural  Shabad  Singing by Ms. Kiran Sharma, HOD Music .
Then the Principal  Mr.Daljit Rana  thanked the management for organizing the meet and showered praises on the students in instilling the confidence that was a key aspect in shaping their  career. 
Ms. Amrit Kalsi ,the Coordinator of the  happiness department, in her  address, shared her  pleasant memories of the that times and expressed her  gratitude to the faculty in striving to give the best to their students.
Our  prominent alumni of the school  , Kushagra Sagar 
 was delighted to be connected to the school, over the decade  after passing out in the year 2010. 
It was indeed wonderful to note that the memories of the school were still afresh in his mind. 
The worthy  Chairman of CT group of Institutions ,  Sardar Charanjit Singh ji Channi also addressed the participants 
and listened to their problems and  provided them possible solutions.  He added that our intitutions have  touched and shaped the lives of innumerable students providing them with a holistic education.
Our alumni teachers - Ms.Manju Virk ,Ms. Pushpinder Lehiri ,Ms. Amita Kochchar ,Ms.Arwinder Kaur  Ms.Mandeep Kaur  were  elated to be connected with the school and relived the moments ,they  spent together. They credited  all  their  success to the fruitful years spent in school.
 Former  Vice Principal, Mr. Sukhvinder Singh also attended the meet and was  overwhelmed recalling his  memories of the school .
The Vice-Principal rendered the vote of thanks and reiterated the fact that the school  is  constantly working to connect with more and more alumni of the school . 
The  participants  also enjoyed a virtual tour of the  journey of our worthy  Chairman Sir's life  through a video.
The event was a huge success in achieving its aim of exposing the students to the rich alumni base of the school.
Oct 17, 2020


 It feels so good when child visits first time in school and feels so happy. Today our daughter visited CT Kindergarten to meet her class teacher and to know her

She feels so happy to see all the activities rooms, Skating ground, Dining Room, Swimming pool etc. she is so exciting to go to to school daily. 
Hope for tbe best that situation become normal soon and Aarayna go to school. We are so happy and satisfied that we choose  CT for our daughter. A lot of thanks to all the CT Faculty members.
Oct 14, 2020


Assessments play a very vital role to check the performance and abilities of students for what they have learnt during their classroom studies. The proud parents of C T Public School offered a big thanks to the teachers for showing their care, support,collaboration and most importantly patience to solve the problems of both students and parents round the clock.They also admired the support and encouragement given to the students which is really helping  to bring the confidence in their wards. The principal of the school Mr Daljeet Singh Rana and vice Principal Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur added that parents are the real asset for an institution and further said that they are blessed have such proud parents  who are helping us in this critical time both emotionally and financially.

Oct 12, 2020

Young chef of Kindergarten

 keep yourself busy by doing things what makes feel happy

Meet our cute Master chef OMMANSH of Pre- Nursery
Due the lockdown the lives have come to standstill . But *CT KINDERGARTEN* motivates the little kids to do creative things while at home.OMMANSH of pre- nursery class is presenting his Culinary skills.Such activities always inspire the children to keep themselves busy. The children are making the efficient use of this time and are bringing out their creativity to life.
Oct 8, 2020

Gandhi Jayanti Celebrations

Literacy in itself is no education. Literacy is not the end of education or even the beginning. By education I mean an all-round drawing out of the best in the child and man-body, mind and spirit."  - Mahatma Gandhi

Mahatma Gandhi or more lovingly known as Bapu by all Indians is internationally acknowledged for his doctrine of non-violence that led to India to its glorious freedom.
2nd October every year is celebrated as Gandhi Jayanti the story of his life has impacted humanity to its core.
To revere this day, the Students of CT Public School, were assigned to commemorate the Mahatma Gandhi's life, teachings and  symbols. 
In this activity the classes participated were first, second and third in which they made cards, drawings and charkha with ice-cream sticks.
 The students participated with zeal and shared their pics with their class incharges.
Oct 2, 2020


 *Everyone of us needs to show how much we care for each other and, in the process, care for ourselves*

Highly obliged to  our Honourable Management, who always thinks about security and safety of all the  Members of CT Family.CT Public school campus has been properly senatized  by  research team of CT Group of institutions, North Campus (Maqsudan)by UVC based Disinfectant Lamp. 
This is a great innovative idea given by our Honourable Managing Director Mr. Manbir Singh ji 
Developed by Navdeep Singh, Assistant Professor (ECE), CTITR with the Guidance of Campus Director Ms. Jasdeep kaur Dhami. 
This invention is based on Ultraviolet C light which deactivates the DNA of bacteria, virus and other pathogens and thus destroys their ability to multiply and cause disease.
Thanks a lot to our Honourable Management and Reseach team of CT Group who always create innovative ideas and do something different and beneficial for our society.
Sep 30, 2020


 "We don’t grow when things are easy and we are in comfortable state, we grow when we face challenges”

Discontinuity in education and learning can deeply impact students’ life. The very thought of this made us think to look for alternate ways and means to teach our children during the lockdown. So at *CT Kindergarten* we started our new technological journey just after a few days of school’s closure and we adopted online classes.
We interacted with parents through PTM’s using the online video platform to know their views on the effectiveness of our efforts. We apprised them that we will seek their feedback through Google Form and latest technology will be used for conducting online examinations.  They  accepted the idea and encouraged us that examination through on-line mode will make students more serious about their studies, on-line classes, and assignments.
The Principal,Mr. Daljeet Rana,Vice Principal,Ms. Sukhdeep kaur appreciated the efforts of Examination team and their incharge Mr. Rajesh Shukla.
It was also ensured that every teacher on duty released the Question Paper link to their respective class group with necessary instructions in time and also that  the students  submitted the form in time to make it a valid test.Attendance sheet was prepared and  it was ensured through class teachers that all students are appearing for the test.hehe efforts of the faculty and students for the smooth conduct of exam were highly appreciated by the authorities.
Sep 29, 2020

Fit India Freedom Run Program

 The students of CT Public School participated in Fit India Freedom Run Program. About 95 students participated. They were told about the importance of staying fit and healthy. A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. The students thoroughly enjoyed participating in the running activities.

Sep 28, 2020

Proud Parents of CT Kindergarten

 *Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success*

We really appreciate our parents who paid the Full Tuition fee and 70% Annual charges, considering it’s their moral duty for as they see the teachers putting in all their best efforts for the well-being of the children. 
We are thankful to our parents for always supporting us at all levels. You are a real asset to the school. Though it is a tough period for all of us, but parents like you have always been a strong pillars for us. 
Thank you for inspiring others too. Let’s join our hands together to give best quality education to our Children.
Sep 27, 2020

Teacher's Day celebrations

 “Teachers are the backbone of any country, the pillar upon which all aspirations are converted into realities.”* -- APJ Abdul Kalam

School is the first place, where kids get better exposure and Teachers are the best pals that help to learn what is good and bad. Besides cultivating knowledge, they cultivate good thoughts and make a person successful in life. As a mark of respect and as well to express our gratitude, teachers day is celebrated every year.

This 2020 has brought several unforeseen happenings. Students remain at home and have their online learning. The students of classes first to fifth celebrated Teacher’s Day in a different way by showing their affection to teachers in the most different way.With no doubt, they are ready to do anything to impress their teachers — be it in the form of cards, speech, etc.

Sep 5, 2020

Online Training Session by TCY

An online training session for online upcoming exams was conducted today for all the teachers of CT Public School by Mr. Viji Raj .It was well explained session .It will be helpful for the teachers to conduct tests with ease .
It is safe to say that TCY is the leader in online testing for competitive exams. TCY is available to the students who want to have that extra edge in online testing. The tests are very relevant, continuously updated , high in quality and run on near to actual interface to give the students a complete test experience. Tools like test generator and study planner along with remedial testing will customize the learning experience of students.


The Principal Mr Daljeet Rana said, "We have subscribed to TCY as the team is always prompt in resolving any issue and helping students.We hope they will set a new bar of expectation every time." 

Sep 2, 2020

Dance Classes of KG Wing

*The job of feet is walking but their hobby is dancing*

Dance is important form of excerise which is important and can be done at any age.Dance give joy and happiness and keeping this thought CT kindergarten organised online dance activity with all classes of kindergarten under the guidance of dance teacher Mr. Vimal.
Dance gives immense joy and releases all the body toxins out.It also helps to generate good blood circulation in our body.

Dance is type of Aerobics which keep our body fit and full of energy. Such form dance activities enhances the motion of the body and keeps the body healthy. Kids always enjoy music and dance because it channelises their engery level.

Sep 1, 2020

English rhyme activity by UKG CLASS

UKG class has conducted an English rhyme activity in which the students sang various rhymes by using amazing props which were made by the students and their parents, the activity was successfully conducted by the great efforts of the parents.This activity was conducted for the revision of the English rhymes which is the part of the syllabus. Students participated with sheer excitement and enjoyed it a lot. The parents appreciated the activity and thanked the teachers for their efforts. 


Aug 31, 2020

Indoor games activity by UKG CLASS

An indoor games activity is conducted in UKG, in which the students played various games with their siblings or parents and sent their video to the teachers. Due to the COVID 19 pandemic teachers advised the students to stay at home and play indoor games instead of outdoor games. This activity was conducted to release the boredom of students as well as the parents, the parents told the teachers that it was an amazing stress buster and the students and parents enjoyed it a lot. The parents appreciated the activity and thanked the teachers for their efforts.

Aug 28, 2020

Webinar on Good Touch and Bad Touch

CT Public school organized an informative webinar today on # *Good Touch and Bad Touch*  for primary students. All the students of class I to V participated in the webinar. This webinar was organized by Mission Pink Health: a project by IMA ( Indian Medical Association) MSN( Medical Students Network) .
The resource persons :Japneet Bhangu State Project Head alongwith Mansimar Kaur Joint Secretary, Akshita College Coordinator GMC Patiala and Ganya College Coordinator PIMS Jalandhar guided the students about good touch and bad touch . Students were given a number of examples so that they can easily differentiate between good and bad Touch. Students were also shown a short movie on this , about how to identify the 'No Touch' areas, understand who are 'Safe Adults' and how to clearly communicate with parents about any bad experience.The webinar also highlighted how to handle a bad touch by shouting 'NO', running away from the person and informing a safe and trustworthy person about the same. Students took keen interest in this webinar and asked questions from the resource persons. Students alongwith their parents appreciated the efforts of school for arranging such kind of webinars.


The CTPS Principal  Mr.Daljeet Singh and Vice Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep kaur supported that nowadays it is very important for us to guide our students about their safety.With this session, children will now be able to recognise and protect themselves against such dangers from an early .  

Aug 26, 2020

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