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Book Fair in CTPS

 Live our children ACCESS to books and the OPPORTUNITY to choose what they want to read.

Keeping this in mind ,CT Public School organised a book fair at school Reception on the PTM on 8th February,2020. This fair was a celebration of reading and offered our children,parents and staff a selection of affordable books, including the newest titles for every reading level. The parents along with their kids attended the school Book fair and got a jump on their children’s reading plans.
They purchased a variety of books on Science,Literature,Encyclopedia,Fiction and many more.The Principal,Mr.Daljeet Rana motivated all to develop in themselves the habit of resding as he believes that reading makes a man. A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies.The man who never reads lives only one.
Feb 8, 2020

Birthday Celebrations

CT Public School students have been asked to plant saplings on their birthdays to give birth to a green future. Children were excited. Today *Gurtaj singh* student of class IInd adorable of CT Public School, was lucky that he could plant a sapling on his birthday today. Principal Mr *Daljeet Rana* and Vice principal *Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur* said this move had caught the imagination of children. Already, hundreds of birthday saplings had been planted since the campaign had started on school campus. 

Feb 7, 2020

Felicitations to Well Mannered Students

Good manners can be described as behaviour of a person with other people, with courtesy and politeness. Good manners transform a human being into a civilized human being. Good manners define a behavioural pattern which is socially accounted and acceptable as well as respected. Today the students from classes 1 to5 were declared as Well Mannered students.Principal Mr Daljeet Singh Rana and Vice Principal Mr Sukhdeep Kaur congratulated the students and further said thatTeaching good manners to the children is a process which is nearly associated with the overall development of their personality.

 Child first learns manners at home through his elders, he sees them while they are present in the home, from the instructions and examples which we give to him, a basic understanding is developed in his mind that how should I behave and interact with others. 


Feb 6, 2020

Inter class Poem Recitation Competition

'Poetry is finer and more philosophical than history; for poetry expresses the universal, and history only the particular'

Inter class Poem Recitation Competition was organized in CT Public School by English teachers as a language enrichment activity between grade VI Achievers and Adorable. Students participated with great energy and came up with their tremendous expression through their words and props. Students recited the poems of various well known writers and imparted their knowledge about them. Perfect accent and pronunciation was commendable. Participants were encouraged by their fellow beings and their teachers to elevate their confidence. The Principal Mr.Daljeet Singh Rana appreciated an initiative taken by English faculty and students for their efforts.







Feb 5, 2020

Felicitations to the winners of Drawing and Caption Writing Competition

CT Public School participated in Drawing and Caption Writing Competition organised by Pushpa Gujral Science City in collaboration with the Department of Forests and Wildlife Preservation on 3rd February,2020 .As many as 15 CBSE schools participated in the competition.The theme of the event was ,”Wetlands and Biodiversity.”It is a matter of great delight that 20 CTpians participated and brought laurels to the alma mater by achieving 1st and 2nd positions in the contest. First position was bagged by the school hostel student,Gurjot kaur of class 7A and second position was bagged by Yuvika of the same class,7A. We are proud of our achievers and wish them best of luck for their future endeavours. 



Feb 3, 2020

Visit of KV students in ATL Lab under Hubs of Learning

‘The big Artificial Intelligence dreams of making machines that could someday evolve to do intelligent things like humans could - I was turned off by that. I didn't really think that was feasible when I first joined Stanford.’



CT Public School organized a ‘Robotics Workshop’ on 3rd February 2020 under Hubs of Learning. Students of various Kendriya Vidhyalya attended the workshop along with their teachers. Mr. Kartik CTPS,and Mr. Navdeep, Assistant Professor, CT Institute Maqsudan campus was invited to share his wider knowledge with a students from grade VI-IX. It was an interactive session comprising of theory with Power point presentation and a practical on various equipments. Students were enthusciastic to know about LED and sensors . Students learned about artificial intelligence by practical knowledge and various subjects and stimulus.





The Principal Mr.Daljeet Singh Rana appreciated the efforts taken by CTPS faculty for organising and KVs for making Robotics Workshop a great success and added that we will keep on initiating such more activies and events in future too. 

Feb 3, 2020

Session on 'Positive Parenting'

*Happiness is not something ready-made it lies within us*

Happiness is the well being of any human being which is within the person itself. Happiness is always inbuilt it cannot be purchased but it has to be created by an individual.

A great initiative was taken by CT PUBLIC SCHOOL to organise a session on ,”Positive Parenting”, for Kindergarten parents ,conducted by Ms.Amrit Kalsi,Deputy Director,Training and Counselling, CT Group.The worthy member of the management,Mrs.Tanika Channi graced the occasion with her presence at the session.
The Principal,Mr.Daljeet Singh and Vice Principal,Ms.Sukhdeep Kaur welcomed the guests and the kindergarten parents for giving their valuable time to attend the session.
The session was all about Happiness, Good parenting for overall development of children and the upcoming new ventures in the school.





Madam Kalsi interacted with the parents and stated,”Happy parenting* is probably the most important public health issue facing our society. Parenting has three essential components:-
*First* -Care - It protects children from harm. Care also encompasses promoting emotional as well as physical health. *Second* -Control -It involves setting and enforcing boundaries to ensure children’s and others safety, in ever widening areas of activity. 
*Third* -Dvelopment -It involves optimising.

She also said that Grooming parents about the positive attitude towards life and teaching kids how to learn the process of change are the key points of happiness.She discussed
different thoughts and opinion of parents about life, how to create happiness,creating strength to face the problems and finding the solution for the problems.

The parents were made aware about different type of thoughts:- Toxic thoughts, Negative thoughts, Waste thoughts, Right thoughts, Necessary thoughts, Positive thoughts & Elevated thoughts. It was a wonderful session and life changing experience for the parents and they were happy that they going to improvise all these key points of happiness in their life.

Imagine that your child is born with wings.Let us give him a chance to fly. 

Feb 1, 2020

Birthday Celebrations

'Count not the candles…see the lights they give. Count not the years, but the life you live.'

Navraj of grade 4 Adorable ,CT Public School continued a tradition of planting a sapling on his birthday. The main focus behind it to pay a a minimal part of debit to our utmost nurturer Nature. The Principal Mr.Daljeet Singh Rana and Vice Principal Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur congratulated the birthday boy and wished him good luck for his bright future.


Jan 31, 2020

Most Disciplined students of the day

 "The discipline you learn and character you build from setting and achieving a goal can be more valuable than the achievement of the goal itself.”

Discipline plays a vital role in maintaining a civilized life. Proper discipline can significantly decrease unnecessary chaos existing in daily life. For the effective operation of an institution like a school, discipline is very much essential. Today the students of classes 1to5 were declared as Well Disciplined students of the day.

Principal Mr Daljeet Singh Rana and Vice principal Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur along with coordinator of classes 1to5 Mrs Baruna Sadana congratulated the students and added that School discipline is a system of a certain code of conduct, behavior and punishments for regulating students and making school well organized. For making teaching learning process effective, the classroom environment must be favorable and opportune.

Jan 31, 2020

Basant Celebrations in KG Wing

Shubh Basant Panchami. May You be blessed by Goddess Saraswati and all your wishes come true. 

“A harsh winter ends and mustard flowers bloom.....which is symbol of Basant."

CT kindergarten organised the Basant celebrations. The event was graced by Saraswati Pujan ,the Goddess of Wisdom. The tiny tots were dressed in yellow as the colour yellow showers the brightness after harsh winters. It was a great event of joy for tiny tots as they were involved in few fun gamesl—ike UKG enjoyed musical chair. and they jumped in the ring in coordination. LKG enjoyed balloon fleeing. The students of UKG performed various stage activities which exhibiyed their talent and confidence.




*Rannyash chawla presented a small speech on Basant. Allish, Hasrat and Harseerat* performed dance to make Basant Panchmi more lively. 
The sun was bright and children relished the food by sharing it with their friends.A change in vicinity of nature is always fun for kids. They had a great time today with lot of activities on this special festival of yellow hues.

The Principal,Mr.Daljeet Singh and Vice Principal,Ms.Sukhdeep Kaur congratulated the staff and students on this auspicious occasion and blessed the students with these words,”May the revered occasion of Basant Panchami,bring the wealth of knowledge to you, May you be blessed by Goddess Saraswati… and all your wishes come true. Happy Basant Panchami.” 

Jan 30, 2020

CTPS Shines in Cine Lights

Saksham Sharma, a student of grade 4, Achievers has won great acclaim in the PTC Box Office Movies for his commendable performance in a Punjabi film Rabb Raakhaa directed by Jeet Matharru. He has been nominated for the Best Child Artist for his exemplary work. Rabb Raakhaa is one of the seventeen movies out of 57 that has been selected for the PTC Awards. The Management and Staff of  CT Group congratulated the budding artist and blessed him for a bright and successful future.








Jan 29, 2020

Visit of KG Wing students to CT Institute of Hotel Management

*Manners are a sensitive awareness which is good impression of your well being and personality*

CT Kindergarten organised a small visit to CT Institute of Hotel Management to learn Table manners and relish wonderful snacks. It was arranged under the guidance of Mr.Ashok Sharma, Ms.Guncha Mahajan and Ms. Simran.
The students visited the ATR -Advance Training Restaurant, QFK- Quality Food kitchen, BTK- Basic Training kitchen, BTR -Basic Training Restaurant.Kids always enjoy their favoruite foods like juice, french fries, vegetable puffs, Oreo dips and fruit shakes.These delicious snacks were served to the kids.







At CTPublicSchool ,we feel that along with eating and enjoying food ,children should be taught and made aware of dinning etiquettes. Such manners should be taught to the students at very early stages of their life , so that they are able to face the outside world confidently.

It was a great initiative of the organizers of CT Institute of Management to spare their valuable time to teach the tiny tots about dining etiquettes. “The way you treat your food on your plate is a reflection of the way you treat people in your life. Learning how to dine teaches you not just how to eat but how to treat people.”

The Principal ,Mr. Daljeet Rana and Vice Principal,Ms.Sukhdeep Kaur emphasised on the importance of table manners and added that CT would continue to conduct such programmes for the overall development of its children. 

Jan 29, 2020

Basant Panchami Celebrations

सरस्वति नमस्तुभ्यं वरदे कामरूपिणि ।
विद्यारम्भं करिष्यामि सिद्धिर्भवतु मे सदा ॥

Basant Panchami or the yellow festival is the day that marks the preliminary preparations for the arrival of spring. The festival is celebrated by people across the country. Vasant Utsava is celebrated forty days before Spring. The festival is celebrated every year on the fifth day of the bright half of the Hindu luni-solar calendar month of Magha.




CT Public School believes in celebrating every occasion to impart culture among students to make students close to their rich Indian cultural traditions. Special assembly was conducted to mark Basant Panchami. Students worshipped Saraswati, a goddess of knowledge and learning by reciting ‘Saraswati Mantra'. They shared their knowledge and historical background by speech and poem recitation. Children of grade I flaunted their yellow attires to reflect their joy on the festival.

The Principal Mr.Daljeet Singh Rana congratulated students on Basant Panchami and added that God is the supreme source of positive energy. We must energize our self with prayers. 

Jan 29, 2020

Commendations to the Winners of CT Premier League

CT Public School extends their heartiest congratulations to the winners of 3rd CT Premier League held at CT UniversityLudhiana from 22nd to 27th January. Our school feels proud to see the wonderful achievement and bless them for their future endeavours.
Their keen sense of determination, dedication and clearly focused mind are the key factors which have helped them to reach the pinnacle of success. The players Jasvir Singh, Rishab Saini, Karan Rajput and our alumni visited the campus and were honoured by the Principal Mr.Daljeet Rana and quoted that every member associated with the school feels amazing to see climbing the ladder of success at each step.

Jan 28, 2020

Birthday Celebrations

 'Count not the candles…see the lights they give. Count not the years, but the life you live'

Nimit Bali of grade III-B ,CT Public School continued a tradition of planting a sapling on his birthday. The main focus behind it to pay a a minimal part of debit to our utmost nurturer Nature. The Principal Mr.Daljeet Singh Rana congratulated the birthday boy and wished him good luck for his bright future.

Jan 28, 2020

KOBE BRYANT! A Tribute to the Legend

The sudden death of NBA legend Kobe Bryant has shocked people around the world. The basketball players of CT Public School also paid tribute to Bryant. It was a tough day for the NBA yesterday. The league mourned the death of one of its greats, Kobe Bryant, as well as his 13-year-old daughter, Gianna, and seven others in a helicopter crash just outside Los Angeles that morning.

Bryant, 41, retired from basketball in 2015 and many active players had faced him on the court and knew him personally off it. He was also a giant figure in the sport. He was regarded as one of the best to ever play the game. 

Jan 28, 2020

Visit of Zee Punjabi Channel

Unique, colourful and extravagant, these are the attributes of the heartland of India, Punjab.

A team from Zee Punjabi Channel came to CT Public School today. The students of Xth to XII were a part of it. The traditional Indian outdoor games which have been losing their essence in the modern digital era, were played by the students and teachers. Two teams were formed- Bamb Gang and Proud Khidari Unit. The two teams played with full zeal and won exciting gifts and goodies. The show will be telecasted on Zee Punjabi Channel. The Principal Mr Daljeet Rana and Vice Principal Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur honoured Mr Karan and thanked his team.










Jan 20, 2020

Fashion Show at CT

Smashing smiles, vibrant attires and stellar performances enthralled the audience in the hall of CT PUBLIC SCHOOL on Saturday,18 January,2020. In the fashion show put up in the event COLOURS 2020 ,organised by CT institute , the young rookie ‘models’ hit a high note of fashion showcasing a range of chic and stylish attire. The gala event witnessed children walking the ramp exhibiting confidence and style. The ensemble they showcased was a blend of colours and long dresses and a lot of layering and volumes. All pairs of eyes in the auditorium were glued to the bunch of ‘child’ models that mesmerised viewers with their remarkable performance. Students drawn from different schools across the city walked the ramp in different sequences showcasing varied attired.


The little style divas of CT flaunted an exclusive collection of western, Indo-western, fancy and traditional styles and bagged first prize in the Fashion Show.The talent they exhibited in the Talent Hunt round was praiseworthy and highly applauded by all. 

Jan 18, 2020

Felicitations to Byju's Winners

 “The harder you work for something, the greater you’ll feel when you achieve it”

Competitive exams are like a positive push for students towards their excellence. These exams provide very good support to the student by offering scholarships also. It’s always the rewards which keep you going in positive direction towards your goal. In C.T Public School, Jalandhar, Byju’s learning app conducted a test for students of various classes. The two students named Rupneet Kaur (IXth class) and Mayank Arora (Vth class) have cleared the 1st round and will appear in second round , that will be conducted on Sunday i.e .19th January, 2020.


The Principal Mr Daljeet Rana congratulated them both and wished them good luck by saying that giving an exam is not just about what you have learnt from your syllabus. It is also about learning patience and calmness. Be focused ,stay positive and do well in your exam.
The Vice Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur also wished them best of luck.

Jan 17, 2020

Birthday Celebrations

Trees are one of the precious gifts which have been given by Mother Nature to every living being and are also called as “Green Gold”.We all know trees help earth in purifying the air by absorbing the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.We all must plant trees on every possible occasion.Bhavneet and Gurkirat of grade 1 celebrated their birthday by planting saplings and seeking blessings. Principal Mr Daljeet Singh Rana and Vice- Principal Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur congratulated both the children and blessed them for their bright future ahead. 


Jan 17, 2020

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