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Traffic Awareness Workshop

CT Public School hosted a Traffic Awareness Workshop led by Sub Inspector Sh. Ranjit Singh and ASI Sh. Shamsher Singh from the Commissionerate of Police, Jalandhar. The event focused on road safety, responsible driving, and traffic regulations.

Key topics included:
- Traffic signals and signs
- Road safety rules
- The impact of reckless driving
- The importance of helmets and seatbelts
Vice-Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur praised the officers for their efforts. The school extends its gratitude to the Commissionerate of Police, Jalandhar, for promoting road safety awareness.
Jul 22, 2024

Guru Poornima Celebrations

CT Public School celebrated Guru Poornima on July 20, 2024, honoring the sacred student-teacher bond. Highlights included a traditional welcome, cultural performances, heartfelt speeches, and teacher felicitations. Vice-Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur praised the dedication and hard work of our teachers.



Jul 20, 2024

Paper Bag Making activity

"Choose paper bags for a sustainable future—small steps today lead to a cleaner, greener planet."
Grade 5 students of CT Public School participated in a paper bag making activity to learn about environmental conservation, creativity, and practical skills. This activity aimed to raise awareness about reducing plastic waste while enhancing creativity, fine motor skills, and teamwork.
Principal Ms. Reenu Tyagi noted that the beautifully crafted bags will remind students of their commitment to protecting the environment. Vice Principal Ms Sukhdeep Kaur praised the students and the Art Department for their efforts. 
Jul 13, 2024

Declamation Competition for classes 9 to 12

CT Public School celebrated World Population Day with a Declamation Competition for classes 9 to 12. Students passionately addressed global population challenges, showcasing their public speaking skills. Principal Ms. Reenu Tyagi and Vice Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur praised their efforts, encouraging them to be advocates for sustainable growth. 



Jul 12, 2024

International Yoga Day Celebrations

Yoga adds years to your life and life to your years.

International Yoga Day is observed on June 21 to celebrate and raise awareness of yoga's benefits. This year, CT Public School observed it virtually. Mr. Abhishek, a certified yoga trainer, guided students and teachers through various asanas and meditation. Vice-Principal Ms. Sukhdeep Kaur encouraged everyone to join, highlighting yoga's benefits for physical, mental, and spiritual well-being.
Wishing all a day of peace, harmony, and yoga! Happy International Yoga Day!
Jun 21, 2024


CT Public School hosted an inclusive open chess tournament, drawing over 100 participants from diverse age- groups and esteemed educational institutions and schools across the city. The participants were students from renowned schools such as Swami Sant Dass, Apeejay School, Cambridge School, MGN School, Mayor World, CT Public School, CT World School, Ivy School and many more. The tournament featured various categories like Under-7, Under-9, Under-12, Under-15, and an open category. Kirti Sharma, along with his team members Narinder Singh, Savri Bhardwaj and Vavri Bhardwaj, ensured the smooth running of the tournament. Managing Director of JMD Chess Club, Amit Kumar and the Directors, Narinder Singh and Dr Ram Gopal, were honoured by the vice- principal of CT Public School, Sukhdeep Kaur. In the Under-7 category, Aakrish Gupta, Aarush Singh and Avyandeep Monga emerged victorious. Tanvir Kaur claimed the top position in Under-9 category, followed by Pranav Sharma and Ronit. In the Under-12 category, Aanraj, Kushager Gupta and Disha Bhatt demonstrated remarkable talent. Ananya Arora, Rudransh and Bhavya Gupta excelled in the Under-15 category. Finally, in the open category, Gurman Singh emerged as the champion, with Vedant Sethi and Moksh Sharma securing the top spots. 




Jun 11, 2024

Empowering Tomorrow's Leaders: CT Public School Investiture Ceremony 2024

The CT Public School Investiture Ceremony was celebrated with great enthusiasm, graced by Chairman Sr. Charanjeet Singh Ji Channi and Director Sh. Yogesh Chhabra of CT Group of Institutions.The event commenced with the traditional Lighting of the Lamp, followed by Saraswati Vandana and Ganesh Vandana, seeking divine blessings for wisdom and success.The highlight of the ceremony was the Badge Pinning of the newly appointed School, House, Hostel, and Class Representatives, who pledged to perform their duties with integrity.Chairman Sr. Charanjeet Singh Ji Channi addressed the audience, emphasizing the significance of leadership, responsibility, and education in shaping future leaders.The Vice-Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur and the CBSE Exam team were commended for the successful conduct of the 2023-24 exams. Meritorious grade X students were honored for their academic achievements.The ceremony concluded with the National Anthem, instilling a sense of pride and unity among all attendees. 










May 18, 2024

Interhouse Debate Competition on World Telecommunication Day

In celebration of World Telecommunication Day, CT Public School organized an interhouse debate competition to explore and discuss the vital role of telecommunications in modern society.
The event was held on May 17, 2024, in the school meeting hall, with enthusiastic participation from all four houses.
The interhouse debate competition was a resounding success, fostering a spirit of healthy competition and intellectual engagement among students. It provided a platform for students to delve into the complexities of telecommunications and articulate their views on a significant technological advancement. The event not only celebrated World Telecommunication Day but also highlighted the importance of critical thinking and effective communication skills in our digital age.
May 17, 2024

World Telecommunication Day 2024

Telecommunication refers to the exchange of information over significant distances with the help of electronic means. Telecommunication has brought the world together. It has helped in getting more access to people who stay at a distance. Exchange of information over distance has become very easy and telecommunication has brought the world closer.
Every year, World Telecommunication Day is observed on 17 May to celebrate the significance of telecommunication and mark the foundation of the International Telecommunication Union. As we gear up to celebrate the special day for this year, here are a few things that we should know.
Students of CTPS of class VI A celebrated this through poster making competition. Our Worthy Vice Principal, Mrs Sukhdeep Kaur appreciated the efforts of students and teacher, who guided the students.


May 17, 2024

Proud moment: CT Public School students ace their 12th board exams with flying c

The Class 12th board results of CT Public School reflect the commitment and perseverance of the students. Achieving remarkable success, the students have excelled in various subjects, demonstrating their academic prowess. The school management extends warm congratulations to all the Class 12th students for their outstanding achievements.

The school extends its heartfelt congratulations to all the students and teachers for their hard work and dedication.
May 13, 2024

Celebrating Excellence!

CT Public School is thrilled to announce the outstanding achievements of its students in the Class 10th board exams. With a remarkable 100% pass result, our students have once again exemplified excellence in academics.

Top Performers:
- Kareena Toor: 98.2%
- Diksha: 97.8%
- Kashish Seth: 96.6%
- Harkirat Kaur: 96.4%
These students have brought immense pride to our alma mater, setting new benchmarks for success. Congratulations to all our Class 10th students for their exceptional performance!
Special Mention: Ten students scored above 90%, reaffirming that doing well is the result of doing good.
Heartfelt Congratulations: We extend our sincere congratulations to all students, parents, and the entire CT family for this remarkable achievement!
May 13, 2024

Good Touch and Bad Touch Activity

 At CT Sunshine Kindergarten, we teach students about good touch and bad touch to promote healthy relationships, consent, and boundary awareness.
This empowers them to communicate effectively and safeguards against potential mental health challenges.

Apr 27, 2024

International Mother Earth Day

The United Nations' International Mother Earth Day" celebrates our planet with the theme of "Harmony with Nature.
At CT Sunshine Kindergarten, Earth Day was embraced with boundless enthusiasm! Vice Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur commended the students for their dedicated efforts and emphasized the importance of using eco-friendly alternatives to combat pollution.
Students actively participated in various activities, while teachers performed an inspiring enactment to instill awareness about the significance of trees in our ecosystem. 





Apr 23, 2024

Inter-House Essay Writing Competition

An inter-house essay competition was held at CT Public School. Three students from each house participated enthusiastically. Writing, as an exploration, teaches, informs, entertains, and educates. Principal Mrs. Anuradha Chandel and Vice Principal Mrs. Sukhdeep Kaur commended the children's efforts.




Apr 18, 2024

World Heritage Day

April 18 marks World Heritage Day, dedicated to preserving cultural heritage globally. Students at CTPS celebrated with activities like poster making, quizzes, and presentations, applauded by Principal Mrs. Anuradha Chandel and the Social Science Department.

Apr 18, 2024

Commendations to the House Incharges

CT Public School held a commendation ceremony to celebrate the achievements of its House Masters, with Mother Teresa House clinching the top spot, followed by APJ Abdul Kalam House and Kalpana Chawla House. Principal Mrs. Anuradha Chandel commended the House Masters for their exceptional work.





Apr 15, 2024

Baisakhi Celebrations

CT Public School celebrated Baisakhi with fervor and joy. The event featured traditional Sikh prayers, vibrant folk dances like Bhangra and Giddha, musical performances with instruments like the dhol, and even a turban tying competition. Students and teachers alike actively participated, acknowledging the festival's cultural and historical importance, including its ties to the Sikh New Year and harvest traditions in Punjab.






Apr 13, 2024

Morning Assembly

 CT Public School kicks off a new session with a morning assembly led by Class X students. Principal Mrs. Anuradha Chandel welcomes new staff and emphasizes the importance of responsibility and dedication for school growth. The assembly aims to inspire students to uphold moral values and embrace vitality.



Apr 9, 2024

Sukhmani Sahib Paath ceremony

CT Public School commenced its new academic session with the revered Sukhmani Sahib Paath ceremony.

The ceremony, filled with spiritual fervor, set the tone for a promising year of growth, learning, and achievement.






Apr 4, 2024

Parent Teacher Meeting

CT Public School Hosts Successful PTM and Announces Final Term Exam Results!

Principal Mrs. Anuradha Chandel Congratulates Top Performers, Commends Students’ Achievements, and Wishes Success for Future Endeavors! 





Mar 28, 2024

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